Additional Services

Utilities Services
  • Brex Enterprises consists of a crew that provides utility services ranging from 300ft gas lines to 5000ft storm sewers, and 3000ft water lines

  • Brex Enterprises crew's expertise extends to the most complicated of utilities, such as the E1 sewer system

Cathodic Protection/ Coating
  • Brex Enterprises has a highly skilled and trained team that conducts cathodic protection and coating work

  • An efficient and high quality job is always performed on a project of any size by owning state of the art equipment

    • Encapsulated hood with ​fresh air supply

    • Sand blaster

    • Coating applicator

Cavern Pump Removal/Installation
  • Brex Enterprises employs a safe, experienced crew and proper equipment to efficiently remove and install pumps

  • Average removal time for 2015 to 2017 was significantly less than competitors

  • With a quicker removal and installation time than competitors and state of the art tools, Brex Enterprises is able to remain very price competitive

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