• A.J Brentzel

What Exactly Does Brex Enterprises do?

I often get asked, and probably understandably so, what exactly does Brex Enterprises do? Until recently, I never really thought of what the right answer would be. I usually gave the standard response of "We are a pipeline and earthwork contractor mainly operating in the Oil and Gas field," but once I genuinely thought about it, I'd have to say we are a little more than that. To understand it, I'll have to give you a little background.

About 6.5 years ago, I came home and told my wife, Alicia, that I wanted to start my own contracting company, and in her typical fashion, she said “Well, what are the steps that we have to do to make it happen?”. Within the next week, I had bought myself a mini excavator and a single axle dump truck. Shortly after, I was back in the oilfield and one employee quickly turned into five by the end of the 2nd year. The following year we began to grow slowly but surely. We also added a mowing operation, where we had a crew that mows the pipeline right of ways to meet government standards (this is still a large part of our business to this day.)

In our third year of business, we started providing more services such as long wall mining support (relating to pipelines), earthwork, and fabrication. Now in year six, we have grown from the guy with a mini excavator and a single axle dump truck to a full-service pipeline and earthwork contractor team with over 40 employees (trust me the number is growing by the day I swear).

Now that you know a little bit about our history, I can explain how this all happened. As I said earlier, I would be remiss to not give a lot of credit to my wife, Alicia, but I would have to say, more importantly, it has been the team we have built. Our employees (and even some of the past employees who have switched jobs) have been the leading reason for the success. The team that we have built, I believe, is second to none and is the biggest reason for our growth and success. I use a slogan of "Setting a New Standard of Excellence," and from the office to the field, I feel like our team is honestly trying to accomplish this every day.

With all this said, as owners, Alicia and I, are very proud of what our team has become and what we have accomplished. We were nominated as one of 2018 Smart Business Magazine’s “Top 50” and Beverly’s Birthdays “2019 Company Award”. Two awards that differ in qualifications, but we hold equally as rewarding. We held events such as our charity Touch a Truck event and look forward to increasing our giving back in the community. Being a part of this company (TEAM) has been a blessing that we could never have imagined, and we love to see that it is growing by the day.

From here out we will be posting an update (hopefully weekly) to let people know some of the directions that Brex Enterprises is heading and some of the events or projects we may be a part of. Maybe I won't get so many "So what does Brex do?", and not because I don't feel like answering the question but more because I want people to know how exciting and what a big opportunity it is to be a part of. It’s evident in the culture and team we are building that our team is growing daily, if you know or are someone who wants to be a part of the Brex Team, reach out and we would love to talk.


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