• A.J Brentzel

My Motivation: #BoOnTheGo

As I sit here at Barnes Jewish Children's Hospital in St Louis, with my son Bo after his Selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) procedure, it is evident to me of what message I would like to get across today. My son Bo was born with a form of cerebral palsy where his muscles regularly stay contracted and tightened. This condition makes a simple thing, such as walking and running very challenging. Miracle part of the story is, well my wife, Alicia located a doctor in St. Louis that performs a procedure that virtually eliminates the contracting of his muscles and allows him to live a near "normal" life. It's a little more complicated than that, but that's another story for another day. When we go to work in any place, all of us have a source that motivates us in one way or another. For a majority of us, it's our family. For me, I am no different, and I would say that's my driving source of motivation. Not only my direct family but my work family included, all my employees, their spouses, their children, all these people are the biggest reason why I think Brex Enterprises has become what it has.

My son Bo has been one of my most significant sources of motivation. Like I said earlier, simple things such as walking for him are often almost impossible. We do everyday tasks such as go to a grocery store, and I look to my side, and there he is with his walker marching along, his face beat red, breathing heavily but still moving right along. The most important part of it all, he is always smiling. Bo has been an inspiration to me from the day that he was born. He has endured constant therapy, uncomfortable braces, and consistent doctor appointments. Things for him seem always to be more difficult. Yes, he does have toddler moments of weakness, but overall, he remains a happy, fun loving and hard-working child.

Mostly everyday problems have simple solutions. Usually putting your head down and pushing a little harder solves the issue. With Bo like I said it's a little more complicated than that, working harder doesn't always solve the problem, working harder sometimes makes things worse. He makes me not mind those late nights where I put them to bed then go back to work. As you can see, work goes pretty much everywhere we go, but one thing remains a constant is our motivation and family.

What I think is most remarkable of all though is this, Bo not only motivates me, but he is touching everyone around him. I cannot tell you how many people have reached out to see how he is progressing after the procedure. It shows not just how special I think he is but also how unique everyone thinks he is. I hope that even if you don't know Bo, you look into his story a little more. Follow #BoOnTheGo, and maybe he will inspire you just like he does with so many people. He truly is a real day superman, and I can promise you this will inspire you to push just a little bit further than you thought you ever could.

Ultimately, our team at Brex Enterprises emphasizes having a healthy balance between work and home. In the Oil and Gas industry, this is pretty difficult with some of the demands of schedules, and deadlines. However, I am proud to say our team makes a consistent effort to work together to help one another achieve a balanced work and family life. This journey with Bo is a perfect example of that. Alicia and I have had to take a lot of time lately away from the everyday operations of the business, and our team has stepped up to carry the load without missing a beat. From the office to the field, everyone continues to do whatever it takes to "Set a New Standard of Excellence," and Alicia and I are truly grateful for everything that they do!

My last note, for everyone out there reading this, maybe Bo isn't the motivation for your everyday push but challenge yourself to think what your motivation is? If you don't know, try and identify it, push yourself to improve it, and see the magic that will ensue after. The simple problems will be what they are "simple problems."


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