• A.J Brentzel

Employee Development

This week I made a trip to the area where I first started my career in the pipeline industry. I found myself thinking of where we were then and where we are today. It is interesting how life comes full circle. Just like any other industry, relationships are everything in our field, the who you know, and the interaction with them can make or break your company as it moves forward.

Client relationships and performance is one of our top priorities. At Brex, we pride ourselves on how we work together with our clients to find the best solutions and continuously lead the industry in how we perform. Not only on a productivity level but also a safety level more importantly. Our culture is to always "Set a New Standard of Excellence," and this bleeds into our relationships with our clients. The way we do this more than any other is with the development of our employees.

This week has been a rough week for really any excavation contractor in the tri-state area due to inclement weather, but we are different than the others in one significant way. We took the opportunity on our downtime to train and develop our employees, not just leave them at home. It is an investment that we believe is more important than any other. Our employees are who makes Brex Enterprises really what it is, so we think it's paramount that we seize all the rain day opportunities that we can! Some may look at it as a waste of capital, but we look at it as the way we expand our service line, the way we take the step just one further than our competitor, and the way we provide the opportunity for our employees to make a legitimate career!

Returning to the location, we started this week wouldn't have happened without this type of structure and detail to our client relationships, and the developing our team at every opportunity we get. It is honestly the reason that we believe we are becoming the best at what we do and building the culture that we have. Maybe you or someone you know may be interested in our career opportunities and if so have them reach out; we would love to talk them.


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