• A.J Brentzel

No Too High Not Too Low

In life, there are many ups and downs, many of them are out of our control, and some even a result of our actions. I believe that the most successful people in life tend to keep one major influential factor in mind, “do not get too high in the high times and do not too low in the low times.” Also, during these high and low times, they automatically analyze how they got there and what they can do to either improve or remain on top.

The past couple of weeks, I can honestly say I have experienced both extremes. We had an extensive project go out to bid, one that our team had put a lot of time and effort into, to ensure that we would win the bid in the end. Despite all of our efforts, we fell short and did not receive the bid. Now, this is, as all low times in a company’s life, a pivotal point for the future of our team. We could fall into a rut like a lot of different companies out there, maybe make excuses, blame others for the loss, but either way, one thing never changes, and that is that we fell short. My goal for Brex is to do as all great teams and companies do; we can analyze, adapt, and overcome the shortfall and get prepared for the next opportunity.

Honestly further down the road, I look for our team to become more successful because of the failures we have along the way. Sure, you may be upset for a day or two, but the reality is this, this world is full of new opportunities just waiting for the next prepared person to step up and in our case, we are continually trying to become more prepared.

Now, this is not just a business strategy; this concept relates to every aspect of your life. Maybe you are looking to become a better parent, or you’re an athlete looking to make that next leap to greatness, or perhaps you’re even that person who is looking for the next promotion in your career. The one thing that is almost always certain is in your journey; you’re going to have failures and setbacks. There are going to be things that do not go your way, like it or not. The one thing you can control, though is how you react, and maybe that reaction may create your next great unforeseen opportunity!


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