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  • Brex Enterprises recognizes its employees are its greatest asset and puts their health and safety as its number one priority.

  • Brex has a company wide commitment to safety on an employee and management level. This is achieved through initial training and annual training thereafter.

  • Brex Enterprises Safety Training Program complies with all clients requests and regulatory agencies including DOT and OSHA

  • All Brex employees receive SafeLandUSA training upon hire which is a standardized orientation training for workers in the US Onshore E&P Industry.

  • Brex Enterprises certifies all employees in First Aid and CPR training.

  • All Brex employees receive comprehensive annual training from Brex management on all aspects of work in which Brex is involved.

  • Brex management works directly with National Compliance and ISNetworld to ensure we are meeting and often exceeding industry standards.

  • Brex has a Company Safety Committee made up of employees and managers who meet monthly to monitor and address issues. The committee also conducts on-site inspections at random.

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